We’re pleased to offer FREE Video Consultations for Children & Teen dentistry and orthodontics, via Zoom or Whatsapp, from the comfort of your own home.
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    A video consultation is an effective way to get some initial information about which treatments Kids Dental could offer someone in your family.

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    Please send us photos of your smile from all sides

    • First bite down on your back teeth and smile widely.
    • Pull your lips and cheeks back using your index and middle finger.
    • Take and upload three photos: of the front, right side and left side of your bite.
    • Use the photos below as a guide.
    Front view
    Front View

    Right view
    Right View

    Left view
    Left View

    Now show your full smile and also your upper and lower teeth from inside your mouth

    • First take a photo of your normal smile, smiling widely and showing your teeth - even if you don't normally show your teeth when you smile.
    • Then for the next two photos you'll need to open your mouth wide as you're photographing the inside of your mouth: tilting your head up for a better view, take a photo of the top inside arch of your teeth and next tilt your head down and take a photo of the bottom inside arch of your teeth.
    • It may be easier to ask a friend to help you take last two.
    • Use the three photos below as a guide.
    Normal smile showing teeth
    Normal Smile

    Top inside view of teeth
    Top Inside View

    Bottom inside view of teeth
    Bottom Inside View

    We will carefully review the photos and requirements and get back to you to arrange your video consultation at a time that is convenient for you.